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Research Activities at the School of Engineering:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Research Programs

a. Dobhase Machine Translation Project
Dr. Sanat Kumar Bista – Team Leader
English to Nepali Rule Based Machine Translation System

b. E-Government and Trust Issues
Research works are underway at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from January 1, 2010 for surveying the e-readiness and trust related issues for the implementation of e-government in Nepal under the institutional grant awarded by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Nepal. Dr. Sanat Kumar Bista is the Principal Investigator of the Project whereas Mr. Bal Krishna Bal and Mr. Anup Banskota are the co-Investigators. The Project tenure is of 24 months.

Research Lab

Information and Language Processing Research Lab (ILPRL)
Established in 2004, the ILPRL is basically focusing on conducting Research and Development in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The Dobhase Project is an outcome of the ILPRL. For more details, please visit http://nlp.ku.edu.np

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Lab

A. Turbine Testing Laboratory(TTL)
Mr. Tore Skeie – Project Manager
Mr. Raju Shrestha – Project Engineer
Mr. Biraj Singh Thapa – Research Fellow

Under construction with support from NORAD, TTL is expected to run in its full capacity by the end of 2011. The aim is to develop a center of excellence for the R&D of Hydraulic Machineries and back up the creation of a new turbine manufacturer in Nepal. For more information, please kindly visit.

http://www.ku.edu.np/mech/water_power_laboratory/Turbine Testing Laboratory.htm

Environmental Modeling Lab

Kathmandu University, School of Engineering (SOE) has initiated action to work in the area of environmental pollution/climate change modeling using high speed parallel processing computers. Establishment and operation of an Environmental Modeling Lab (EML) is an ongoing process. Additional goal of this Environmental Modeling lab will be to enhance national human resource.s computational skills in the area of grid and distributed computing. SOE has already identified and delegated faculty members who will be working extensively in this area. Currently, Dr. Bhupesh Adhikary, chemical engineer, is leading a group of highly interdisciplinary faculty members to achive the goals of the lab. Other interested faculty/staff members within the University who are interested and match the goals of this lab are being identified and will be brought into the team. [ More ]

For any queries on Research activities and programs, you may contact research_soe@ku.edu.np

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