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Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: dean_engg@ku.edu.np

Ph.D. Program at the School of Engineering:

The Ph.D. Program at the School of Engineering is a relatively new and a young program. We have currently ten candidates enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the different Departments of the School.

Current PhD Candidates at the School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

Academic year 2015-2016

1. : Mr. Oblique Shrestha
Email :
Research Topic : Development of Sediment Friendly Cross Flow Hydro Turbine
Supervisors : Prof. Bhola Thapa, Prof. Young-Ho Lee and Dr. Hari Prasad Neopane
Start Date : 1 February, 2015
2. : Mr. Sailesh Chitrakar
Email :
Research Topic : Study of the Simultaneous Effect of Secondary Flows and Sediment Erosion in Francis Turbines
Supervisors : Prof. Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug, NTNU and Dr. Hari Prasad Neopane
Start Date : 1 February, 2015
Academic year 2012-2013
1. : Mr. Krishna Prasad Shrestha(internal candidate – faculty member)
Email : kp@ku.edu.np
Research Topic : Design and Fabrication of Francis Turbine for large sediment load
Supervisors : Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa (Kathmandu University), Prof. Dr. Ole G. Dahlhaug (NTNU, Norway)
Start Date : 21 June, 2011

Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics:

Academic year 2014-2015

1. : Mr. Subash Ghimire(internal candidate – faculty member)
Email : subash_ghimire@ku.edu.np
Research Topic : Development of Land Valuation Model for Land Acquisition Focusing on Livelihood and Climate Change
Supervisors : Dr. Arvind Tuladhar, Visiting Professor KU and Dr. Sagar Raj Sharma, SOA, KU
Start Date : June 2014
Academic year 2013-2014
1. : Mr. Shyam Sundar Khadka (internal candidate – faculty member)
Email : sskhadka@ku.edu.np
Research Topic : Design and Stability Analysis of Underground Structures in Himalayan Region of Nepal
Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey
Start Date : 28 March, 2013

Department of Computer Science and Engineering:

Academic year 2013-2014

1. :  Mr. Shreeniwas Sharma Paudyal
Email : shree220@gmail.com
Research Topic : To Study the Interaction of Colors and Find an Aesthetic Color Combination for a Given Pattern
Supervisor : Dr. Jyoti Tandukar
Start Date : 28 March, 2013

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

Academic year 2012-2013

1. : Mr. Surendra Lal Hada
Email : surendrahada@yahoo.com
Research Topic : A study on the use of Multimode Optical Fiber for the High Speed Data Rate Communication.
Supervisors : Prof. Dr. Bhupendra Bimal Chhetri, Dr.B.M.A Rahman(City University London)
Start Date : 1 September, 2012
Academic year 2011-2012
1. : Mr. Shailendra Kumar Jha(internal candidate – faculty member)
Email : shailendra@ku.edu.np
Research Topic : Interconnection and Control of Multiple Microgrids
Supervisors :  Prof. Dr. Uhlen Kjetil (NTNU, Norway), Prof. Dr. Petter Stoa (Visiting Professor, KU)
Start Date : 21 June, 2011

For any queries on Research activities and programs, you may contact research_soe@ku.edu.np

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