New admission Master in Land Administration

Master in Land Administration (In collaboration with KU, School of Arts &Land Management Training Center)

Land Administration is a discipline that integrates various land issues from different disciplines such as legal, social, economic, technical, planning, management etc. The strengthening of Land Administration system is at high agenda of Nepal government. The sufficient number of efficient land professionals is required in order to fulfill the mission. However, there exist major gaps in providing education in all other aspects of land Administration and management. Moreover in the scenario of federalism of the state, the country needs to develop strong land professionals. Similarly, in the implementation level of recently formulated land use policy it is very important to develop the land professionals.

This is the program of KU, School of Engineering in collaboration with KU, School of Arts and Nepal Government, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Land Management Training Center.


Timeline for Admission (Extended)

Admission Opening August 16, 2014
Application Submission Deadline September 10, 2014
Announcement of Short listed candidate September 12, 2014
Entrance test of short listed candidate September 15, 2014
Declaration of successful candidate September 18, 2014
Admission Deadline September 23, 2014
Orientation class September 24, 2014




Application for the cohort 2014-2016 is open since August 16, 2014. The application form and all other documents can be downloaded from

Formal Prerequisites

Sno. Candidate Types Minimum numbers of years of study (School/University Education) Work Experience Grade in Bachelor level Remarks
1 Fresh Graduates with Bachelors Degree in Science, Applied Science or Engineering. Minimum 16 years - 2.0 CGPA or 50% in aggregate
2 Mid career professionals with Bachelor’s Degree of 3 years in any discipline or Master in any discipline Minimum 15 years At least 3 years experience in land related discipline or law 2.0 CGPA or 50% in aggregate
3 Mid career professionals with Bachelor’s Degree of  2 years in Science Minimum 14 years + Senior Survey Course At least 3 years experience in land related discipline 2.0 CGPA or 50% in aggregate Eligible criteria for some international institutions like ITC to undertake Masterdegree.
4 Mid career professional with Post Graduate Diploma  or equivalent in Land related discipline Minimum 14 years At least 3 years experience in land related disciplinee 2.0 CGPA or 50% in aggregate Direct Entry to Master in Land Administration


Government scholarship [10]

Full paying [10]



The total tuition fee for full time student is approximately NRs 282000 for two years.

Fees for non-Nepali students:

SAARC country: one and half times the normal fee,

Any other country: double the normal fee.

Government Scholarship:

Kathmandu University, School of Engineering and Land Management Training Center,Ministry of Land Reform and Management are providing scholarship to minimum 10 Government candidates.


Financial aid is available to selective full paying students in the form of graduate teaching assistantships. The duties of the teaching assistant generally include lecturing or assisting in a laboratory and for introductory undergraduate surveying courses.

Application Guidelines

1.All the information must be typed in block letters. Fill up the form and print after completion. All mandatory fields must be filled.

2.Fill your names correctly as mentioned in your academic credentials.

3.Affix your recent passport size photograph (35mm×45mm) in the box allocated. Press inside the box in the electronic copy of the application to upload the photo.

4.The applicants should fill up all the details of citizenship certificates

5.Permanent Address means the address mentioned in the citizenship certificate. Information provided in these fields should be in accordance with the respective testimonial.

6.Correspondence Address means the address where the applicant may be contacted. Please mention the correct address that can be easily accessible.

7.Mention the Post Office Box details in Postal Address.

8.Students are required to fulfill the information related to academic qualifications as per their testimonials.

9.If there is any extra degree, for e.g post graduate diploma, applicants should fill it.

10. Experience is preferable but NOT mandatory for self paying candidates. Information about the employer including current and the penultimate employer should be filled in the form.

11. In case of students currently in their final phase/semester of their undergraduate study need not mention experience. However, information on any training, internship or extra professional courses can be mentioned in CV.

12. Applicants can mention the title(s) of paper published or presented in seminars or conferences.

13. An amount of non refundable NRs. 1000 must be deposited in bank with the following details.

Kathmandu University

Nepal Investment Bank

Banepa Branch [Branch No. 005]

A/C No 00501030250009.

14. The Receipt number, Bank and its branch where the money is deposited must be mentioned. In addition, the receipt must be sent along with other testimonials. Applications will be assumed complete only after the submission of complete set of required documents and receipt of application fee.

15. Applicants must clearly mention the category of applicant.

16. In case of any deviation or distortion of information furnished by the applicant, the application or admission of the candidate is liable to cancellation at any stage of evaluation.

17. The application will not be considered complete without the signature of the declaring candidate in the hard copy. Full name in Block letters can be typed in the field for signature while sending electronic copy of the application.

18. Application should include all the testimonials as mentioned in the checklist (9) in order.

19. Recommendation letter must be signed by academic referee.

20. Hard copies as mentioned in the application checklist must be delivered positively within the deadline. An acknowledgement will be emailed after receiving the documents in the department.

22. Hard copies of the documents in the checklist must be delivered to the Departmental Office or posted to the following address. Mention ‘Application for LAMP (2013-2015)’ on the top of the Front Side of Envelope.


Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering (Block 11)

School of Engineering

Kathmandu University

P.O. Box 6250, Dhulikhel, Kavre

Phone: +977 11 {661399, 661511, 663188}

Fax: +977-011-661433


Land Management Training Centre

Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal

Phone: 977-11-666145